This classic European Orangerie is truly a "House of Light." Developed for a unique site within the Italian hills and valleys, Villa di Luce is one of a kind.

Orangeries were constructed as greenhouses in Europe from the 1300s, to house citrus trees in a climate-controlled environment. Over the next 500 years, the increasingly elaborate structures evolved into pleasure palaces, theatres, and entertainment complexes. Orangeries were even built as residences, culminating in large, ornate palaces. From humble beginnings, elegance has evolved.
Villa di Luce is a glass conservatory designed and built in the tradition of the European orangeries. Twenty-four handmade windows and a detailed glass roof bring light to the beautiful interior. Marble floors of green and rose are reflected in sparkling mirrored walls. A scale copy of the Tiffany Fawn stained-glass window gives the rooms a splash of color. Under the glass dome, a living miniature tree and delicate flowers grow. The inviting entry leads to five small rooms on split levels.
The dimensions of the house are 25" x 25" x 25", scaled 1:12. Sold.

Villa di Luce was featured on the cover of Dollhouse Miniatures magazine, September 2001 issue, in Miniaturas magazine in Spain, and in Miniature Collector magazine in July 2008.

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