For the collector's favorite reproductions in miniature, we present a custom made museum with exclusive touches of prestige and opulence, befitting the collection.
Le Musée de Trésors (The Museum of Treasures) was originally built as a collection of four pairs of rooms, created as themed areas to house important pieces from several countries. The two-story space was split into five levels, with every room leading to more discoveries just steps away. Each room opens onto a central foyer with a grand staircase and 22" ceiling. A crystal chandelier with hundreds of real crystals brings glorious light to the gracious interior. The exquisite chandelier is reflected in a twelve-panel mirror located above the landing of the grand staircase, and framed in wood with carved roses and vines. External link opens in new tab or window

With dozens of valuable handmade pieces of furniture and hand painted artwork to display, the client had already outgrown the original museum structure almost as soon as it was finished. We added a "Grand Exhibition Hall" behind the original structure, and connected the new rooms via the landing of the grand staircase and on the first floor as well, just below the staircase.
The expansion literally doubled the size of the museum, and the finished structure has a 30" square base, with 1800 square inches of display space in eleven rooms. Additionally, the new rooms have expanded ceiling heights up to 17" for a more spacious feel. Decorative columns serve as room dividers to help define the display space.

The structure is made of birch plywood, poplar, and pine, with machine carved wood decorative trim. Phyllis Tucker created new crystal chandeliers and sconces for the expansion, bringing the number of chandeliers in the museum to six, along with fourteen wall sconces and adjustable spots to highlight the artwork.
The new exterior was finished to match the original faux stonework, and a new dark bronze roof was created with a new taller roofline. The decorative pediment compliments the roofline of the front of the original museum. Inside, the wall coverings blend with the colors of the original structure, and the faux marble floor is identical throughout.

Le Musée de Trésors was featured in the March 2007 issue of Dollhouse and Miniature Scene magazine.

Visit Le Musée de Trésors in person in 2023, at its new location on the first floor of Walter Tower at the Houston Methodist Hospital.

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