Europa the follow up or "twin" to Mark Turpin's Callisto. This piece was commissioned to house a collection of fine furnishings and antique miniatures. Europa and Callisto were named for two of the four satellites (moons) of Jupiter. The design for both structures, particularly the rounded porticos, was based upon the look of the 18th century Château de Rastignac in southwest France.

The exterior of Europa includes a convex portico of columns with Ionic capitals, working coach lamps on the lower level, and a half round skylight on the roof. The interior features two large rooms with round spaces, including an upstairs gallery open to the room below through a round cutout. An elegantly curved staircase connects the two levels. Soft white window and door trim, crown molding, wainscoting and baseboards offset deluxe fabric wall coverings. The first floor has classic onyx tile flooring, while the first floor entry, staircase, and the second floor feature a gleaming, hand-laid, walnut stained floor.

The structure itself is constructed of solid pine and birch plywood and was hand painted using eight colors of paint. Handmade windows and French doors compliment the faux sandstone walls. Phyllis Tucker created the lovely crystal chandelier.
Dimensions: 26.5" wide, 18" deep, 25.5" high; 1:12 scale. Sold.

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