Do your dreams of city living run to the theatrical? Do your fantasies always return to an exotic loft with a strong Art Deco theme? Does your dream loft seem to be just out of focus, evading clear definition? Perhaps you can picture the entrance, but not the room itself? Limelight was designed with you in mind.

We will probably never know exactly what is on the other side of that mysterious door at the top of the stairs; but for the best hint, see Limelight below as furnished and dressed by the owner. Our client developed the finished theme she had visualized for Limelight... Art Deco to the core.
On the journey through the Limelight ascent, you have niches for your favorite Erté bronze and that granite dancer that needs the perfect setting. From the Italian glass tile on the entry floor to the perfectly-placed stairway blocks, the sharp, clean lighting, and the black-on-black embossed diamond wall covering...the message is clear: a stunning treat awaits beyond.

Limelight was created in its octagonal form using solid pine, poplar, basswood, stainless steel, and glass. The entry floor's half-diamond pattern uses imported Italian glass tiles. The Art Deco theme is reinforced consistently with the spiral stairs, metallic curved niches, the stainless steel grills, and the embossed black-on-black diamond patterned wall covering. Four adjustable spotlights and the mirrored ceiling keep the focus on the stunning patterns of Limelight.
Dimensions: 13" square (octagonal) and 24" high; 1:12 scale. Sold.

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