Mark Turpin built Bianchi in Laguna Beach, California, and named it for the soft color of its whitish gray stonework. The grand staircase room setting was designed as a stage or backdrop for figures at a masquerade ball, or as an entrance to the theatre or opera. It could also be utilized as a portrait gallery, as there is ample wall space for hanging commissioned portraiture, fine oil paintings, or tapestries. The background is changeable and is shown here in two different themes. The precise lines of the symmetrical staircase ascend majestically, giving the room a very formal look, but the arched doorway beneath might lead to mischievous secrets backstage.

The room is made of oak plywood and solid pine, with resin capitals and machine carved wood decorations. Mirrored walls extend the space in the back of the vignette, and a scarlet drapery provides a richly colored background for the scene. Additional materials include basswood, stainless steel, glass, acrylic, fabric, stain ribbon, paper and paint.
Room dimensions: Dimensions: 22" wide, 27" high, 13" deep; 1:12 scale. Sold.

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