Drawing inspiration from the works of architects Philip Johnson and I.M. Pei, artist Mark Turpin created this provocative structure of complex angles, compelling symbolism, and meticulous craftsmanship.

"It is divine," said the captivated collector, when she acquired Aqualina. In keeping with our tradition of showing you the style and vision that our clients have displayed, below we present Aqualina in the home of the collector.


A treasure trove of variety, the original Pine Island Collection was greatly expanded with the addition of the translucent Aqualina. The delicate filigree of the framework creates a soothing interior, which will lift your spirits. The curtain walls are clear acrylic to provide views from inside or out. Designed as an art gallery, Aqualina features three levels connected by an unusual floating staircase. Varied with solid walls for paintings and niches for sculpture, the intimate gallery is a unique platform for displaying spot lighted miniature art in a setting that is itself bold and artistic rather than simply functional.


Construction is solid pine and poplar. Hinged walls provide access to the interior, which features platinum colored wall coverings, and a two-tone, patterned granite floor. The decorative pool in front provides a dramatic reflection of the exterior and a cool, inviting view from the interior. Within its wings, the juxtapositional design presents a strong façade on one side, and a narrow entry to a world of brilliant light and height on the other side. Stone textured walls speak of fixed permanence in contrast with the constant motion of the angled space frame, as it chases itself up from the water's edge like soaring doves, higher and higher to the pinnacle of Aqualina.

Our client had amazing things in mind for Aqualina. We designed the structure for flexibility; and below you will see Aqualina providing a museum for a wide range of modern and contemporary miniature art. These photos show Aqualina first in the studio and then in its permanent home in New York City — furnished and dressed to the nines by the owner and occupied by the core of the museum's permanent collection.

Dimensions: 25" square base; 50" high. Sold.

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