Parkview is your private penthouse overlooking New York city and the trees of Central Park. Parkview is actually a cross section, the corner of a modern room setting, with tall ceilings and a partial loft. A faux staircase is partly hidden behind a wall of travertine stone. Exposed steel beams and ceiling trusses hold moveable spotlights, and the natural stained, hand-laid flooring adds another contemporary touch. A tall corner window wall captures the view. My friend, the incomparable Brooke Tucker, provided this aerial view of New York's Central Park, so I wanted to use it for something special — Parkview.

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Parkview -- Capture the Sophistication
Parkview — Capture the Sophistication
Exciting from any angle
Exciting from any angle
Parkview -- Imagine!
Parkview — Imagine!
Suitable for Wall or Table Display
Suitable for Wall or Table Display

Below are two photos showing Parkview in its permanent home — furnished and dressed by the owner.

Parkview -- Furnished and at Home
Furnished and at Home
Dressed by Owner
Dressed by Owner

This room setting was designed to be securely fixed upon the wall at home or in an office, or it could be displayed on a table or bookcase.
Constructed of solid pine, birch plywood, basswood, plastic, glass, acrylic, fabric, stain ribbon, paper and paint.
Room dimensions: 22" wide, 7" deep, 16" high; Frame dimensions: 27" wide, 21" high;
Overall depth of Parkview: 8.5";
Front is accessible via removable frame; suitable for wall hanging or table display.

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