Le Pavillon des Étoiles

Renaissance châteaux were not fortified castles, unlike their medieval predecessors. Rather, they were luxurious residences, built by sophisticates as centers of culture and refinement. Gothic tradition yielded to Italian influence, resulting in a progressive blend of styles.
The steep roofs reached toward the heavens, like fantastic castles in the sky. This progressive spirit lives in the houses and estates by Mark Turpin, where old meets new through innovative and unusual designs. For more details, click on the thumbnail views below.

For more details, click on the thumbnail views below.

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Pavilion Left Front View
Left Front View
Pavilion Right Front View
Right Front View
Pavilion Overhead View
Overhead Aerial View
Pavilion Interior View
An Interior View
View Thru the Window of Staircase
Staircase Thru-the-Window
Pavilion Connecting Staircase
The Connecting Staircase
Pavilion View of Staircase Hallway
The Staircase Hall
Pavilion Left Side View
View of Left Side
Pavilion Right Side View
View of Right Side
Pavilion Front and Right Elevations
Front and Right Elevation Drawing

Set in a lovely green meadow, "Le Pavillon des Étoiles" (The Pavilion of Stars) is a glittering house of white limestone with a steep, slate roof. Large windows reveal sunlit rooms by day and soft candlelight at night. In the French tradition, this garden pavilion is the embodiment of elegance and opulence.
The structure is 24" wide, 30" deep, and 36" tall. There are five rooms and an attic.

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