Welcome to Chaumet - from Mark's early work - a belvedere (literally "beautiful view") named for Joseph Chaumet, "The Kings' Jeweler", creator of exquisite jewelry for the courts of Europe.

Beneath the glass dome...a stained glass copy of Claude Monet's "Water Lilies."

This first set of photos shows Chaumet as finished by the artist and delivered to the owner. In the second set of photos, see Chaumet at home as dressed by the owner.

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Chaumet Twilight View
Chaumet at Twilight
Chaumet Dome View
"Water Lilies"
Chaumet up to Dome
View to the Dome
Dome Reflected in Floor
The Floor is Deep
Echoes & Illusions
Chaumet Window Craftsmanship
Thru the Door at Midnight
Invitation at Midnight
Late Night Silhouette
A Garden Silhouette
Chaumet Waits for Tomorrow
Until Tomorrow

In the European countryside, set in formal parks next to magnificent palaces, splendid summer houses and garden pavilions provided beautiful settings for lavish entertaining on a grand scale...or sometimes a place to simply take in the view in solitude. The echoes of intimate soirees and quiet reveries still linger between the mirrored floor and the breathtaking dome of Chaumet.

Construction is solid pine with a painted faux stone finish. The base is 15" in diameter, and the glass dome with finial reaches 22".

Chaumet at Home

The collector required a totally unique belvedere for 'La Comtesse', the elegant figure by James Carrington. This gracious patroness offers very special evenings of romantic diversion. Chaumet, with its "Water Lilies." in the dome ceiling, privately isolated in a corner of the garden, provides her guests with the mystique they desire.

Below are four photos showing Chaumet in its permanent home — furnished and dressed by the owner.

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La Comtesse Awaits

The Guests
Are Arriving

La Comtesse beneath
her "Water Lilies."
Soirée Tonight

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